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Carpenters Tribute Concert at The Betsie Sanders Theater For The Performing Arts

Broadway World Feature - by Debbie Hall, September 11, 2019

Carpenters Tribute Concert returns to perform its last show in Southern Nevada for the year. Temperatures have finally cooled down to double digits and the evening is the perfect time to enjoy this classic music at Betsie Sanders Theater For The Performing Arts at the Sanders Family Winery on Sept. 21.

Sally Olson stars as Karen Carpenter and Ned Mills stars as Richard Carpenter. While the Carpenters Tribute Concert was performed earlier in the year in Las Vegas as a full production, this show will be more intimate.

"However, all of the songs and the antics will be part of the show," Mills said. Their show is the only one that pays tribute to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Alpert, one of the co-founders of A&M Records, signed The Carpenters to his label catapulting them to stardom.

Olson will perform a drum solo, Mills will be featured with his classical piano feature, and the material will remain the same from the larger production show. Hits including "We've Only Just Begun," "Yesterday Once More," and "Superstar" will be sung bringing back memories and making new ones.

Olson has been a fan before becoming a tribute artist and Mills performed as an entertainer and pianist. The two met and teamed up in Las Vegas and created a very successful duo. The two performed the Carpenters Tribute Concert during the Carpenters 50th Anniversary Celebration, an international convention commemorating the Carpenters signing with A&M Records. Olson is the artistic director, and lead vocalist and Mills is the musical director, arranger, pianist as well as lead and backup vocals.

After completing their tour, Olson will be first-ever Karen Carpenter tribute artist to perform with Legends in Concert beginning November in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

"I will be performing during the special Christmas show through Dec. 31," Olson explained. "I put together a Christmas show as Karen Carpenter about two years ago because I wanted to add it to our tribute show. The Carpenters were known for their Christmas music and television specials as well as their signature hits, and we will be recreating their holiday show next year [2020]."

Sanders Winery offers stunning panoramic mountain views nestled on the southern side of Pahrump, about a 45-minute drive from the famous Las Vegas Strip. The Carpenters Tribute Concert will be performed in The Betsie Sanders Theater For The Performing Arts at the Sanders Family Winery on Sept. 21. Gates open at 6 p.m., show starts at dusk, and reservations are required to secure a table. A free wine tasting is included, and guests may bring their own food. Tickets can be purchased by calling (775) 727-1776



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