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Interviews with Carpenters Tribute Acts.
Interviews with Carpenters Tribute Acts.

Interviews with Carpenters Tribute Acts

Ned Mills and I are very honored to have been one of six Carpenters tribute acts included in Interviews with Carpenters Tribute Acts by UK author Tony Brassington, released in November 2020. Click here to purchase your copy!

In this book, Tony Brassington interviews seven Carpenters tribute artists and reveals many insights into this unique profession. It is very soon clear from the interviews that the life and work of a tribute artist is bigger, more interesting and diverse, than many would think. The tributes interviewed have mastered their craft and then have played all around the world, from bars to cruise ships, clubs to theatres, from small local gigs to sold out concerts; everywhere from Las Vegas to China, and countless other distant places and countries too, while their work remains always in high demand. The tributes know just what Carpenters music really means to people and how much love, affection, and reverence the public still have for it, and they are very familiar with the emotional power within the music too. The tributes talk about the things people have said to them at the meet-and-greet sessions after each show and the great amount of warmth, appreciation, and heartfelt thanks they receive from people after their tribute performances.Are you one of the millions of people who just love the Carpenters Music? Or have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Carpenters tribute act, or a tribute for any other artist? Maybe you are an aspiring singer and have wondered how to get your singing career started or move it up to the next level. Or perhaps you just love listening to good live music. If so, then this book is a must read for you. All of the tributes interviewed give an overview of their careers from the beginning to the present day. They talk about what they had to do in order to achieve that Carpenters sound and maintain it, and towards the end of each interview, each tribute gives a few words of well-seasoned advice for aspiring entertainers, tributes, and singers - advice that is invaluable for someone wishing to enter or progress in the entertainment industry, and often the advice has a wider meaning for anyone wanting to reach their own individual goals in life too. These interviews makes a captivating read in a book that you will not want to put down once started. This book includes interviews with Emily Jane Brooks / Katy Ellis / Rebecca Andrews / Laurie Briggs / Debbie Taylor / Sally Olson & Ned Mills.

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We've Only
Just Begun
Unisex T-Shirt

$25 (Plus Tax & Shipping)
We've Only
Just Begun
Unisex T-Shirt

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Merry Christmas


Unisex T-Shirt


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Lead Sister Women's T-Shirt White

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Carpenters Legacy Women's & Men's Varsity Jackets

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Carpenters Legacy "We've Only Just Begun" Latte Mug


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Carpenters Legacy "Merry Christmas, Darling" Latte Mug


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Carpenters Legacy Iced Tea Glass

This unique pint glass includes Karen Carpenter's signature iced tea recipe!
$20 each 

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"Karen Carpenter & Miss Piggy"

Watercolor painting - 11" x 14"
Limited edition (500) of giclée prints available,
signed by the artist- Sally Olson.
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Carpenters Legacy glossy photo

8.5" x 11" glossy photo signed by Sally Olson & Ned Mills
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Carpenters at BGSU Anderson Arena Photo Collage Poster

16" x 20" limited edition poster. Images of the Carpenters at BGSU Anderson Arena, Bowling Rock, Ohio - April 1974. Images were gifted to Sally Olson by fan John Mygrant who attended the Carpenters' concert and photographed the duo.

$35 (Plus Tax & Shipping)
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"Portnoyed" Sally & Ned Mug

Click here to purchase your "Portnoyed" Sally & Ned mug by acclaimed Las Vegas Portrait/Caricature artist, Neal Portnoy.