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"Their show is the only one that

includes both a Karen AND a

Richard tribute artist, and Karen's drum solo."


"Musically sound, vocally spot-on, and will please any fans of the duo."

~ John Kastilometes, LAS VEGAS



"Sally Olson and Ned Mills perfectly embody Karen and Richard Carpenter, backed by a superlative live band. 'Carpenters Legacy' is nothing short of astounding."



"Sally's tribute to Karen Carpenter is HEARTFELT

and HONEST, and the attention to detail in the costumes and hairstyles is admirable."

~ Randy Schmidt, author of Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter


"Her interpretation of Karen Carpenter is not only SPOT-ON, it is delightfully entertaining." ~ David Halston,

Tribute Masters



very fine concert."

~ Vermont Public Radio


"Sally is the EPITOME of tribute acts...

An UNCANNY resemblance!"

~ Lane Gibson Recording & Mastering

"Never have I heard anyone sing like Karen with such richness without pushing. You are amazing. Visually and vocally you are amazing, even your mouth looks like Karen. The way you grip the microphone with your right hand is Karen. Well done! Well done!...Your clothing, your hair color, and your mouth when you are singing…It’s Karen all over again. Thank you thank you thank you for all you have done over these years to keep the memory of the Carpenters with us...I know of no one else that even comes close to what you're doing!" ~ Michael Lansing, Carpenters Audio Engineer, Assistant Tour Manager and Karen Carpenter's personal assistant in 1976

“I am so grateful for being included in your Carpenters tribute! Sally – everything you do shows how you care deeply, always wanting the best for the show. I was touched! Here’s to both of you!...You two crushed it last night! My mind was flooded with beautiful memories. It was a lot to take in. You both provided such a wonderful performance! The BEST! Thank you so very much!...No one can imagine the amount of hard work it takes to put together your show. Thank you sir (Ned)! Well done!” ~ Michael Lansing, Carpenters Audio Engineer, Assistant Tour Manager and Karen Carpenter's personal assistant in 1976

"We recently hosted Carpenters Legacy at our theatre, the Lancaster Performing Arts Center in Lancaster, California. Sally Olson & Ned Mills' authentic tribute really captured the essence of the 1970's. The Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass portion was a special treat. We saw so many happy faces in the auditorium, as they journeyed back to what was a truly impressive re-creation of the 1976 UK tour. If you are considering a tribute act, this production should be at the top of your list. The show sold well and was a terrific way to begin our season!" ~ Adam Geller, Coordinator I - Arts: Lancaster Performing Arts Center in Lancaster, California

“Our residents absolutely loved Carpenters Legacy starring Sally Olson and Ned Mills. They were impressed by how much Sally sounds and looks like Karen Carpenter. If you are a fan of the Carpenters, you have to see this show!” ~ Kim Dove, Lifestyle Director, Century Village Theatre in Deerfield Beach, Florida

“Sally and Ned were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Sally’s interpretation of Karen Carpenter is uncanny and Ned’s tribute to Richard is spot on!" ~ Laurie Houser, Ph.D., Vice President of Theater Operations, The Theater at North in Scranton, Pennsylvania

"Sally takes us on a carefully crafted journey back to a time when melody, harmony, and well conceived composition ruled the music scene. Sally has captured the essence and beauty of that era in her show in a way that one rarely sees today. A thoroughly enjoyable evening of song." ~ Dan Levine, Broadway composer, arranger and owner of Such-A-Voice

"Sally Olson embraces the true essence of Karen Carpenter on stage. Ned Mills, who portrays Richard Carpenter, rounds out the show with his musical talent as a singer, performer and musician. Their rendition of the Carpenters 1976 UK Tour is like a step back in time. You can see the dedication the two of them have put into making this play/musical as authentic to the Carpenters as possible, down to the costumes. If you loved the Carpenters, you can't help but revel in this Tribute as Sally and Ned pay homage to one of the greatest and biggest selling duos of our time." ~ James Kelly, All Aspects Radio Network & Quirky Minds Media Las Vegas

“I had my doubts about that set (“We’ve Only Just Begun” and “Carpenters Hits Medley”), until I met Sally and heard her perform it. My expectations were QUICKLY adjusted. It’s one of my favorite sets to perform in the entirety of my time here. She’s the real deal.” ~ Greg Dalton, music director & guitarist at Legends In Concert

"Carpenters Legacy was the first tribute show to ever sell out our venue. Ned and Sally were very professional, and the show was great. Many tribute shows just aim to cover the songs, but Ned and Sally really focus on the performance aspect as well. We can’t wait to have them back!" ~Ryan Higgs, Programming Coordinator, Waco Hippodrome Theatre in Waco, Texas

"Carpenters Legacy sold out 435 seats in the Grapevine Palace Theatre! They put on a great show with lots of audience engagement. Guests exited the show with smiles on their faces! Great cast to work with. Very easy and polite! I would for sure have this show back." ~ Nadine L. Rodriguez, Event Coordinator, Palace Theatre in Grapevine, Texas

"Sally Olson and Ned Mills' portrayal of Karen and Richard Carpenter is uncanny. Their performance surpassed our expectations in presentation and attendance and their storytelling brought new insights into the lives of the talented brother and sister duo. Sally’s natural ability to capture Karen’s unique voice, appearance, and demeanor are matched only by Ned’s skillful piano prowess. Their professional contributions behind the scenes made the show easy to promote and helped to drive ticket sales." ~ Gary McKechnie, Mount Dora Productions in Mount Dora, Florida

"Dear Ned, I have enjoyed working with you on various projects in Las Vegas for the past 19 years. When I booked 'Carpenters Legacy' to perform at Sun City Anthem Freedom Hall Theatre and at the Starbright Theatre in Las Vegas this year, both shows sold out quickly. Your show at the Starbright Theatre outsold any of the other shows I produced at that venue. I was impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of your cast. I received many compliments from the audience of the performance, especially Sally’s beautiful voice, which was spot-on as a perfect tribute to Karen Carpenter. Congratulations on a job well done. I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future." ~ Larry Ladd, Las Vegas Destination Management

"Sally and Ned: Thank you for playing in our Freedom Hall Theatre on June 23. We begin selling tickets 6 weeks prior to a show, and your Carpenters tribute sold out in approximately 3 weeks. Our venue holds 296 patrons. We had a very long wait list of over 24 persons each wanting 2 tickets.  There would have been double that on the wait list, but when they found out the size of the list, they declined to be put on it. You, Ned and your band were at the venue on-time, prepared and well-rehearsed for the sound and lighting check. This isn’t as common as one would hope with entertainers, and your professionalism and respect for all those assisting in the production was greatly appreciated. The show itself was smooth and many comments were made afterwards by patrons regarding how much they enjoyed the music, recreation of the Carpenters concert and the costuming. The interaction of you and Ned with the audience, bringing them along on the journey of why a song was a favorite of Karen or Richard, why it was written, etc., is a touch that not all tribute acts do. In my experience of booking hundreds of tribute acts and theatre productions, those performers that connect in that way with their audience bring a level of performance that makes a lasting impact. Thank you for a great performance and best wishes for continued success." ~ Pamela McKinley, Theatre Manager at Freedom Hall Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada

"Sally is the epitome of tribute acts. You will find it hard to believe that you are not actually watching and listening to Karen Carpenter performing! Her talent, hard work, and dedication has yielded an uncanny resemblance." ~ Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering, Charlotte, Vermont

"Your voice is beautiful! Just like Karen!" ~ Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering, Charlotte, Vermont

"There’s zero doubt in Sally Olson’s Karen Carpenter homage that she’s studied her subject. Points for knowing detail-by-detail nuances of phrasing, stylings, and intonation well enough to reproduce devotionally, worshipfully, wistfully. Olson’s own pleasing voice and physical appearance have similarities to the contralto female half of the hit-making Carpenter siblings...Stay tuned because she’s determined." ~ Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes Magazine NYC

“'Carpenters Legacy' at Solera was a huge hit with our residents! Produced with original arrangements, this sell-out performance was top quality all the way. You won’t want to miss this show!” ~ Cynthia Cameron, Lifestyles Director, Stardust Theatre, Henderson, Nevada

"The closest to the Carpenters that I've ever seen. I live two blocks from the real Carpenters home in Downey and have always been in fear that my memory of the real Richard and Karen Carpenter would be tarnished if I ventured out to see a tribute show. Carpenters Legacy came to Downey and performed and I was blown away. Ned's piano skills coupled with Sally's voice, brought the Carpenters back to life...Unbelievable is the best way to describe their performance. A++++++ Highly recommend." ~ Brian Chambers - Downey, California

“This is an amazing show! We have been to see it three times and I'm sure we will be back later this year. Extremely talented and accurate recreation of the Carpenters!" ~ Ted B. - Las Vegas, Nevada

"Amazing show. Sally Olson will transport you to another world with her beautiful and respectful portrayal of this iconic music. Ned Mill's tender piano propels this show through all the hits. Background video production well done. Ned's improve was awesome. Costumes very detailed and authentic as documented in the background videos showing extra attention to detail." ~ Marilee Gaines - Las Vegas, Nevada

"I see a lot of shows in Las Vegas, and Carpenters Legacy, at the V Theater at Planet Hollywood, starring Sally Olson and Mills is one of the very best! You'll feel like you're watching Karen and Richard Carpenter as they are spot on!!! The incredible vocals, Ned's Piano playing, the costumes, videos, stage and lighting are absolutely incredible!!! If you're a fan of the Carpenters, you will fall in love with Carpenters Legacy in Fabulous Las Vegas!! I also bought their vinyl album and CD so they go everywhere with me!!!" ~ Teresa Mala - Las Vegas, Nevada

"Just saw your show, you and Ned were fabulous, totally blown away. I saw the Carpenters about eight times live and you are the closest I have seen as far as voice and looks. Thank you for a wonderful evening!" ~ Doug Linderman - Livermore, California

"I've seen and heard lots of Carpenters tribute acts. They are the VERY BEST!" ~ Suzy Anderson - Chino Hills, California

"If you love the Carpenters as much as I do, this concert is a must see! For those of you who were lucky enough to attend a Carpenters concert, you will relive the memories when you see this show. For those like me who are too young to have seen the Carpenters in concert, this show will give you a glimpse into what it would have been like to attend a concert! Sally captures the essence of Karen beautifully, from her voice to her clothing/hairstyle, and Sally even has that same special touch of making you feel like she is singing especially for you!!! Highly recommend!" ~ Emily Lands - Clayton, Indiana


“Sally Olson does an amazing job as Karen Carpenter. To be Karen you have to sing very well in tune have a great low register and do lotsa ballads where you have to sing not scream. Sally did it all at the Legends show tonight. Congrats for being talented and a marvelous person as well.” ~ Andrew Thielen, musician in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


“Sally Olson is a class act for Carpenters tribute shows. She isn’t egotistical or anything like that. She truly does these out of love, and while I have never seen her in person perform, I have seen clips of her performances on social media. If I didn’t have cancer, I would attend! Finally Sally as I said is a true class act. Her work deserves my highest endorsement and my recommendation!” ~ Kenny Martone - Baldwin, New York

"Knowing my nostalgic affection for the Carpenters, my wife made a reservation to see this tribute show. I was initially skeptical but ultimately blown away. The look and sound were spot-on, and the performers had an excellent rapport with the crowd. At times, I really did feel like I had gone back in time to witness a live Carpenters show during the band’s prime. Not one person got up to leave during the whole 90-minute show. Really amazing stuff." ~ Chris Scalise - Las Vegas, Nevada

"Sally, you and Ned were AMAZING! You channel Karen, in a chillingly good way. Sally, you spoke Karen’s exact dialogue, word for word. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Karen is smiling down on you." ~ Terry Donovan - Sydney, Australia

"I've seen several Carpenters tribute shows in recent years, only to be disappointed. This is the first that truly entertained me, and made me feel like I was back in the presence of Karen Carpenter herself. Sally's warm impression of a singing legend is both pure and sincere, and the musical arrangements are spot-on. It's as close to seeing a Carpenters show as the real thing. Plus, both entertainers were very pleasant and friendly offstage. I would highly recommend this duo for any Carpenters fans!" ~ Bob Dlugos - Las Vegas, Nevada

"Sally Olson and Ned Mills are the best at recreating the sound and look of Karen and Richard Carpenter. No Carpenters fan should miss their show. You will be taken back to the Carpenters day of the 1970's. You will not be disappointed." ~ David Slocum, Geneva, New York

"I enjoyed 'Carpenters Legacy'. I was hypnotized by Sally's rendition of Karen Carpenter. I actually thought it was Karen. Sally's likeness, voice and dress was amazing. I felt like I was transported to 1976. Ned Mills is multi-talented and his portrayal of Richard Carpenter was spot on. The rest of the ensemble was excellent. Go and spend a day back in time. Great entertainment!" ~ Steven Tepper - Staten Island, New York

"This show recreates the look, feel and sound of the Carpenters. The authenticity is remarkable, musically and visually. The show is entertaining for anyone, Carpenters fan or not." ~ Cathy McBride-Plows - Las Vegas, Nevada

"Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Sally Olson as Karen Carpenter in a tribute concert! Please please please do not miss the opportunity to see this talented young lady as she transforms into Karen Carpenter! I really do hope that she performs her show again in NYC because everyone should have the opportunity to witness this! Clearly one of the top shows I have ever seen!" ~ Orlando Iriarte, actor, director, and cabaret producer/director - NYC

"You are a true 'Tribute' to our gift that was Karen. However you too are a gift, a talent and treasure in your own right. Thank you for your hard work, study and practice. You're a class act." ~ Noland Feldmann - Los Angeles, California

"We enjoyed a wonderful show with talented singers and musicians. The highlight of the show was Sally Olson and her very talented renditions of Karen Carpenter music." ~ Peggy Renie - Canton, Ohio

"Do I have any frame of reference for my "experience?" Indeed I do...I sat literally at, well beneath, the feet of Karen and Richard, second row, cross-legged on the basketball court of Anderson Arena at BGSU in the 70's in a packed arena...Sally is a déjà vu experience of Karen Carpenter...Which I EXPERIENCED recently in Canton, Ohio. How good is she? I took photos that are one off---no other copies of that Carpenters concert. They needed to be preserved and appreciated, so after the concert I gave them to Sally and she graciously accepted them. I knew the "right" person now had them. Can you sing (and act) and impress somebody that much? She can... And I remember vividly that Carpenters concert, memories which Sally brought floating back on the music of Karen and Richard Carpenter." ~ John Mygrant - Canton, Ohio

"WOW! Great Job Kid. It's a true joy to see you "becoming" Karen" in the performance sense. The Carpenters have always been my (and my band's) FAVE artists. Genius, true genius. I for one truly understand the "weight" you are choosing to accept by embarking on this wonderful, scary journey. If you think about it, it's just as scary for you (in a great way) as it was for Karen. She had to fill this "void" as a pioneer way back when. YOU have to not only do that but fill her shoes with grace and style and honor. Mirrors kid...mirrors. I'm blown away." ~ David L. Jarvis - writer, performer, producer, recording artist & voting member of the National Academy of Recording Artists and Sciences (The Grammy Awards) - Los Angeles, California

"I went there expecting to feel some nostalgia - The Carpenters. And surely that was so. But then I found myself just letting the music roll over me, song by song. Some I knew, of course, but others I didn't. They were however, absolutely delightful and that is thanks to your renditions. The evening went by fast. I am amazed at the amount of music you accomplished in little over one hour. No matter what the challenge of a song was, you were prepared. I truly don't know how you could do it. So, congratulations. And thank you. A unique and very fine concert." ~ Dennis Delaney, Vermont Public Radio

"Closest thing to Karen!" ~ Carpenters' fan

"You sound just like our beloved Karen Carpenter." ~ John Moore - Nashville, Tennessee

"The similarities between you and KC are uncanny. Wow!" ~ Marina Palmerio - Florence, Italy

"Your voice reminds me so much of Karen's.....The best tribute to the Carpenters I've heard!" ~ Cinthiloo - Mexico City, Mexico

"Thank you for a wonderful evening of the Carpenters' music, and memories!!!!! The music is timeless, and your rendition of Desperado, and the "4 B's", was amazing!!!" ~ Kathryn Farmer - Burlington, Vermont

"You really have captured the spirit of Karen and this terrific time in music history. I hope you take this show EVERYWHERE!! What an amazing gift you have."  ~ Linnie Aubin - Burlington, Vermont

"Sally, I got to introduce myself to you, but I didn't really get to tell you how unique I thought the show was--in it's absolute sincerity and earnestness, and with all the vulnerability that goes along with those things. Wow! It was really something from another world. In this cynical modernity of ours, and in this too-cool-for-school, hip and ironic town we live in (which I love), singing seventies Carpenters songs, in costume, with just a keyboard and harmonist to accompany is so bold and daring! It was like watching a tightrope act. And you didn't fall! I just wanted to thank you one more time for it." ~ Keith Eric Franchetti - Burlington, Vermont

"The show was great! You really seem to channel the energy and spirit of Karen. I can tell that you are very connected to the music and story." ~ Bobby Hackey, Jr., co-founder of the Burlington, Vermont punk rock band Rough Francis

"Her vocals were fantastic and the costumes were perfect. She also gave us the history of the Carpenters between songs and costume changes that was very moving. Her stage presence is fantastic. She certainly knows how to sell a song." ~ Joseph Grabon - Jeffersonville, Vermont

"You really made Karen Carpenter come alive. What a story and I love your voice and interpretation of her." ~ Casey Blanchard, Vermont fine artist/printmaker

"You are a real authority on her (Karen's) music...I was glad to hear you sing again." ~ Tom Cleary, Vermont jazz pianist

"Sally’s concert transported me right back to my days of listening to the wonderful music of the Carpenters. Sally embodies the spirit and presence of Karen Carpenter; her lovely voice combined with the beautiful poignant songs and historical perspective provided for a most delightful evening!" ~ Wendy Valastro - South Burlington, Vermont

"Sally is an amazingly talented performer and her show is sure to entertain!" ~ "Art Hounds" on Vermont Public Radio  with Mary Williams

"Backed up by an all-star band, vocalist Sally Olson lends her powerful pipes to "We've Only Just Begun" and other hits from the famed musical duo." ~ Seven Days, Vermont's Independent Voice

"Songs such as "Rainy Days and Mondays" and "Close to You" undoubtedly bring back a barrage of memories for many a music lover. Now, fans of the 1970s sister-brother duo the Carpenters can take a walk down memory lane courtesy of Sally Olson. Joined by an all-star band, she delivers "Yesterday Once More", a program of timeless tracks in the style of Karen Carpenter."  ~ Seven Days, Vermont's Independent Voice

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